Stillman and Birn Hardbound Sketchbooks


This premium line of sketchbooks from Stillman & Birn is designed to meet the wide range of artists’ needs, including sketching, recording ideas, and keeping art journals. Size is 14,0 x 21,0 cm.

ALPHA Paper: Medium grain | 150 grams | Natural white | 48 sheets/96 pages. Use for: Dry Media, Light Wash, Ink.

BETA Paper: Cold pressed | 270 grams | Natural white | 26 sheets/52 pages. Use for: Dry and Wet Media, Watercolour, Ink.

EPSILON Paper: Smooth | 150 grams | Natural white | 62 sheets/124 pages.
Use for: Pen & Ink, Dry Media, Light Wash.

ZETA Paper: Smooth | 270 grams | Natural white | 26 sheets/52 pages.
Use for: Dry & Wet Media, Watercolour, Ink. 

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With both internal and surface sizing, these papers have exceptional wet strength that supports the application of multiple washes. Similarly, just as the paper’s sizing retards water absorption, pigment stays on the surface of the sheet. The result: remarkably glowing colour.
Stillman & Birn bindings are equally rugged. The hardbound bindings – stiff when new – are designed to be broken in. The spines get eased in and then lay completely flat, accommodating both two-page drawing layouts and flatbed scanning.

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Hardbound Series

Alpha, Beta, Epsilon, Zeta


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